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Your financial support helps Local First Chicago fulfill its mission to educate citizens, community groups, and policy makers on the positive and enduring economic, social and environmental impacts of local, independently owned businesses.

To help further spread this message, LFC makes the following available to all Chicago local independently owned businesses:
  • Unlimited use of the LFC logo to show your wide support for our mission
  • An LFC decal to display at your front entrance identifying you as a true local business
  • Inclusion in LFC's online community with a link to your website
  • A marketing kit that makes it easy for you to participate in our city-wide educational Unwrap Chicago holiday campaign and other buy local campaigns
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"Downturn Affects Local Shops this Season"

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Interview with April Jervis, Executive Director to be Broadcast

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"Green Festival in Chicago May 16, 17"

                                                         By Julia Wasson

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                                                                  By John Tozzi

Greenlight Citizen Journalism on Green Earth @ 10 February 2009
"Disappearing Acts - Where have all the neighborhoods gone?"

                                                                                           By Sophie Lubin

American Booksellers Association @ Posted 26 January 2009; Written 3 October 2007
                                                                                                              By David Grogan

Skyline - Chicago Journal @ 11 December 2008
"The Benefits of Staying Local First"
                                                    By Felicia Dechter

Chicago Progressive Examiner @ 1 November 2008
                                         By Katie Chelminski

MEDILL @ 22 October 2008
                                                                                                                          By Josannah Rose Birman

My Aggragated Life @ 2 October 2008

Discussion of LFC's online marketing panel

Linda P Show AM 1530 @ 26 September 2008

April Jervis, Executive Director of Local First Chicago is interviewed in a live radio show about the local campaign and the economic impact of local dollars.

Chicago Tech Report @ 25 September 2008
Notes on our online marketing panel

A Fresh Squeeze @ 9 September 2008
Summary: Local First Chicago is interviewed regarding the importance of shopping locally owned businesses.