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Wild Blossom Meadery & Winery

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10033 S. Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60643
Phone (773) 233-7579
9AM- 7PM

Wild Blossom Meadery & Winery was founded to produce the finest honey wines (Meads) in the Midwest. We are Chicago's first winery and Illinois’ only meadery on the Northern Illinois Wine Trail. We are especially proud to utilize local honeys and fruits in both traditional and contemporary styles of meads. Our honey bees collect nectar from the prairies of Illinois and the sand dunes of Lake Michigan. We also have select locations in the City of Chicago where industry has left and nature has reclaimed vacant lots and parking areas with wild flowers. Our honeybees forage these areas in addition to the beautiful gardens that typify our city. Wild Blossom is also part of Bev Art Brewer & Winemaker Supply, which teaches both beer and wine making classes where students make their own beer or wine in class. Bev Art also carries a full line of beer and wine making supplies. See BevArt.com for more details.

Wines are made by Greg Fischer who grew up raising honeybees and making wine in New Paltz NY. Greg started to concentrate perfecting mead in 1989, which finely led to the development of Wild Blossom Meadery & Winery in 2000. With the assistance of Wally Maluchnik Wild Blossom is producing world-class meads that are sold throughout the US. Greg tends to his 80 hives on sunny days and days he is not in the winery or teaching classing or in the sky hang gliding.

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