Shop Local Chicago
Eating, drinking and buying local means a more vibrant community.
When local, independent businesses thrive, your neighborhood does too.
Local Businesses Keep 57% More Dollars in Your Community Compared to National Chains.
Why shop local?
Locally owned, independent businesses contribute to the heart and soul of our neighborhoods.
Every day you can positively impact your community by spending your dollars locally.
Local businesses contribute 200% more of their revenue to local charities than national chains!
Are YOU ready to shop local?
Your neighbors know - Eating, Drinking and Buying local means a more vibrant community.
When local independent businesses shine, your neighborhood does too.
Residential neighborhoods served by successful independent business districts gained 50% more home value.
Promote YOUR business' independence!
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Building Blocks
Customers like knowing you are part of their community. Show them you are locally owned by displaying a Local First Chicago window decal.
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Locally owned businesses contribute twice as much revenue to local charities vs. national chains.
Why do YOU Keep it Local?
Chicagoans support local businesses for many reasons - more money staying in our community, better service, unique products, job growth, less environmental impact, etc.
Share why you shop local and include #ShopLocalChicago on your post.