Happy Holidays from Local First Chicago

Happy Holidays from Local First Chicago! This time of year we visit our favorite local shops for unique gifts, we sip hot drinks from cozy neighborhood cafes and we dine with friends at restaurants that can only be found here in Chicago.  This is also a time to reflect on the year.

Through events, posters, social media and our new website we reached thousands of Chicagoans with information about the benefits of supporting locally owned businesses.  Vibrant business districts of independent shops are important because:

  1. More of the money spent at independent small businesses stays in the local economy than money spent online or at big box stores.
  2. Local stores have a lower carbon footprint and contribute less to urban sprawl and climate change. 
  3. Neighborhood shops give back to local charities and schools at a higher rate than big box shops and online retailers.

2015Window1.jpgThere are many other reasons you can learn about and studies you can reference on our website.  We don’t expect anyone to exclusively shop at independently owned stores but the choice that many Chicagoans have made to deliberately shift a portion of spending towards them has an important impact and helps keep our city from being like any other place in the world. 

2016 we plan to go even further by improving our website and local business directory, sharing more news and information, participating in more events and connecting with more people about how and why their support of small businesses matters to all of us. 

Best wishes from your friends at Local First Chicago.

Lesley Tweedie

LFC Board Member

Co-Owner of Roscoe Village Bikes