Bina Droid Review IT IS WORTH?

BinaDroid Review – Can this Auto Trading System be Trusted? Discover The Truth in My Honest BinaDroid Reviews Until Think To Invest in It.

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Product Name: BinaDroid
Product Creator: Troy Everett
Price: Free
Official Website: Click Here

BinaDroid is a new binary options robot launched recently. It is Troy Everett Troy Everetteceiving a lot of attention and many traders have been asking me to review it. Finally I took my time, gave it a shot and learnt all about it.

It claims to give you higher profits and more accurate signals than most other binary trading software. In fact, the creators of BinaDroid claim that you can earn as much as $30,000 during the first 90-day trial. Before you subscribe to it, read my honest review about this robot.

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BinaDroid – Scam or Legit?

BinaDroid is nothing but a binary options auto trading software launched by Troy Everett and team. Troy claims that he has been closely associated with the binary options market for a long time and has come across some specific strategy which helps anyone generate profits from the binary market.

It is no secret that such claims have been made a thousand times in the past and one cannot really say for sure whether they are scam unless they try it. But Bina Droid has been Beta tested by several users and is currently becoming very popular. Not all binary options robots survive after becoming popular – as people learn that these are fakes in the very first week. However, positive reviews have been flooding in about BinaDroid software. Many genuine traders have confirmed that it is a genuine trading robot.

I have earned pretty decently in the first two weeks, making profits of $2,200. I have only had one loss, one neutral and all the other profits from using this system so far. It is developed by the online trade expert Everett who clearly knows what he is up to. Perhaps this is the reason there has been no big claims of scam surrounding this product. It does not need intensive marketing; it is here to stay for the long haul. I can say that this product is going to hit one of the big leagues within the end of 2016.

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Features of BinaDroid Software

Now that we have established that BinaDroid is scam-free, we can learn how it works.

BinaDroid comes with a 90-day free trial. After 90 days of free trial, you will have to pay a fee of $499 per month for using it. These are the four things you will be subscribing to:

  1. Real time signals: BinaDroid also provides you real-time signals for trading in the binary options market. The BinaDroid makers claim that you will be given 95% accurate signals with this app. In my experience, the trades are 90% accurate – if not more. However, that is still higher than most other binary signals in the market. The fact that they are able to provide 90% accurate signals on an average is commendable.
  2. High-end user Interface: This is perhaps one of the best things about this app. If your app is buggy and does not load on time, then you are missing out on huge trades. Thankfully BinaDroid App is not just bug-free but also fast and smart. The user interface is the best feature as it allows everything to remain at fingertips. You will not have to hover around to find the right tools to trade. The App definitely deserves some brownie points.
  3. Both manual as well as automated trading: Yes, you read that right. In this platform, you will not only get to trade automatically, but also tweak it manually. The feature allows your trades to always be in your control. Since it is not a 100% accurate system, it is only logical to have this system traded by yourself at times. To find the exact manual trading button, you can hover over the “SYNC” button on the App.
  4. Available in 5 different languages: Yes, this app is actually available in 5 different languages. So now even the language barrier from trading is eradicated. This is one of the reasons why this app is being tried and tested by users from around the world. If you are interested in using this app, then you can try and download it. It is free for the first 90 days.


Despite its high end features, this app is still not perfect. The few flaws that we detected were:

  • You can only access it with an internet access
  • It has a subscription fee at the end of 3 months

Talking in favor of BinaDroid, if you start making profits of around $7,000 to $10,000 or more every month on average, then paying a monthly fee is really no big deal if you ask me.

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Now let’s see what makes this system really worthwhile:

  • The makers claim that the success rate of this App is 95%. Assuming that it is not so much, we can safely say that on a good day, we can have about 80-90% accuracy. In my own experience, the accuracy of this software is far beyond any other software in the market. It is definitely noteworthy because a signal is nothing if it is not accurate; and having a legit trading robot with this much accuracy is good news for the traders.
  • According to the makers Troy Everett and team, the App developers are closely associated with some of the big names in the market – such as that of Forbes, Goldman and Sachs, Barclay’s Capital and so on. The makers have influence in the binary options market and years of experience to back this app with.
  • One of the best things about this system is that the makers are always keeping an eye on this system. The algorithm is regularly tweaked so as to ensure that the system keeps running smoothly and that the software is free of all flaws. This is how they achieve such high accuracy – they constantly check their algorithm so that it does not become outdated and performs better throughout.

Should I go for it?

You may have already read a few negative reviews and are conflicted. I can assure you from my own experience that this system is 100% genuine and a good opportunity for traders, especially those who are new to binary trading. Don’t go by the false reviews posted from rivals, BinaDroid is definitely working for traders as of now.

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