Local First Chicago's Mission

Our mission is to strengthen Chicago's neighborhood economies by promoting the benefits of locally owned, independent businesses.

How LFC Pursues Our Mission

  • Promote the benefits our neighborhoods gain from having a strong base of local businesses through educational sessions, and information our our website.
  • Make it easier to find locally owned, independent businesses. Please check out our Business Directory.
  • Educate local neighborhood organizations, City officials, and Chambers of Commerce on the benefits of locally owned, independent businesses.
  • Provide Shop Local campaign material to businesses and local chambers to promote their businesses as local. Here are some of the campaigns we've put on in the past.






Our Board

Local First Chicago's Board of Directors consists of dedicated volunteers, who are also local business owners.

Peter Locke, Chair - TerraLocke, Inc.

Jenna Obluck, Secretary - Gilasi Glass Countertops

Suzanne Keers, Treasurer - Main Street Innovations

Andrew Clarke - Ground Floor Partners

Naomi Davis - Blacks in Green

Jean-Paul Thomas - SmallOfficeNets

Lesley Tweedie - Roscoe Village Bikes


Here are some other Shop Local campaign posters we've done in the past. Please look for our upcoming Unwrap poster.