Why Buy Local

10 Reasons to Shop Locally Owned, Independent Businesses vs. National Chains

1. Keep Dollars in Chicago’s Economy

Six Corners Study

For every $100 spent at a locally owned business, $71 stays in the local economy, creating jobs and expanding the city’s tax base. For every $100 spent at a national chain or franchise store, only $14 remains in the community.

2. Protect Chicago’s Unique Neighborhoods

Little Village Arch

Independent businesses bring vibrancy and personality to our neighborhoods, making them a destination for local residents and tourists.

3. Provide More Choices

More Choices

Since they do not have a national sales plan or corporate office to answer to, independent businesses have the power to stock and sell products that their customers want and need. This means better options and more choices.

4. Increase Wealth of Residents

Increase Wealth

Residential neighborhoods served by successful independent business experience an increase in property values, prosperity of local organizations and per capita income growth.

5. Better Customer Service

Local businesses thrive by building long-term relationships with their customers that are built on trust and quality.

6. Boost Job Creation

Job Creation

Not only do independent businesses employ more people directly per dollar of revenue, they also are the customers of local printers, accountants, wholesalers, farms, attorneys, etc., expanding opportunities for local entrepreneurs.

7. Inspire Entrepreneurship

When business districts flourish, potential entrepreneurs take notice and want to be a part of the action. More local businesses mean more options and personality in your neighborhood.

8. Nurture Community

Nurture Community

Local business owners are neighbors, parents and friends that are personally invested in their communities. Studies have shown that local businesses contribute twice as much to local charities as do national chains.

9. Conserve Tax Dollars

Efficient Land Use

More efficient land use and more central locations mean local businesses put less demand on our roads, sewers, and safety services. They also generate more tax revenue per sales dollar. The bottom line: a greater percentage of local independent businesses keeps your taxes lower.

10. Improve the Environment

Having a diverse array of businesses within walking, biking or CTA distance reduces the amount of driving that Chicago’s residents must do to shop for goods and services. It also helps to conserve land, limit sprawl and lessen traffic and air pollution.